This are all uninhabited islands at River Inhabitants mouth where the dome yurt is located, a paradise for fishing, kayaking, windsurfing, sailing etc…
Glamping at it"s best: The magical cozy River Inhabitants Basin and the breathtaking panoramic view from this elevated dome yurt facing the deep blue glittering ocean is the #1 getaway for affordable, relaxing, peaceful holidays, kayaking, hiking, biking, swimming, reading, writing, loving
Rent our dome yurt in high season 2021 for approx. 58 USD/ 48 EUR per night with 2 plus final cleaning and tax. Find rates in $ CAD here.....
As the river mouth and basin with many uninhabited islands offers a lot of things to do we suggest you to combine water sports adventure with your stay. An ocean kayak will be provided if you stay for a week or longer. We offer sailing tours, kayaking and fishing. Although we understand the desire to see as many places as possible when on vacation, we highly recommend people to stay with us for several days. Let your mind come to rest and get a good sleep on real good spring mattresses. ! We would love to be the place where you come to rest. Deep dive into nature and forget the day to day hustle for a while! Writers, painters, artists (like your host) find the inspiration and recharging for new productivity.
Internal curtains at the huge windows enhance the impression that this has traditional-style solid HydroTex walls yet can be rolled up for views out and to the Milky Way. The front door has a mesh panel behind and low vents aid air flow.
Find the short aerial video here:
The main difference to other dome competitors is your given privacy here. You enjoy the spot like Adam and Eve only in one single yurt, no sharing the noise of other domes and air condition units running next door all day and night because the white plastic does not breath at all.
Even your own high tech compost toilet no need to be shared with others. The sink for doing your dishes is as basics as the outdoor shower but it works nicely with running hot water. There is also a fridge in the dome and an induction cook stove.
On a rainy day you got lots of space in the dome for Yoga, Gymn, hanging around or surfing with free WIFI or watch the clouds sailing along the horizont.
HydroTex® cotton fabric offers several key benefits that suit bushcraft-style and will take your glamping outdoor experience to the next level:
Breathable and moisture absorbent properties that eliminate condensation.
It creates the ideal stable microclimate – cooler than synthetic in hot weather and warmer when outside temperatures fall.
Noise free – the heavy fabric reduces flapping in the wind.
Emotive and comforting feel and smell for an enhanced outdoor experience.
The 4 person wood stove fired hot tub can be rented on weekly base
This ocean kayak is for free if you stay a week. The sailing trimaran is for rent with instructor. See more here….
Click the short temporary dome video below. Update coming soon!
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