Welcome to our Tiny Mayfly! Nestled between the trees on a gorgeous lake side property outside of Inverness, Cape Breton, this retreat has been planned and built with lots of love and attention to detail by the owners themselves. Over the stretch of several summers, we’ve poured all our energy into this project to create a meaningful space, that would allow folks to explore, adventure, discover and most importantly recharge while enjoying the beautiful scenery that this part of the world has to offer.
Although it’s easily accessible from West Lake Ainslie Road, it still feels secluded with a private lake access in the backyard. A picnic table and fire pit gives you all the camping feels, with the luxury of going to bed in a cozy cabin that’s hooked up to power and running water. Because nothing is better than a hot shower after a day of hiking, we’ve got you covered with a small bathroom equipped with shower, sink and composting toilet. Cook your own meals on a simple but sufficient two burner electric stove in our kitchenette or take advantage of a handful of restaurants in Inverness town.
The newest addition to our accommodation is a modest outdoor deck that wraps around the front of the building. Come enjoy your coffee in the morning sun!
A small staircase, that also serves as bookcase/storage leads up to the upper the loft, where the bed is located. Two windows on each side of the loft create a beautiful cross breeze in warmer summer nights and if you’re lucky the loons will put you to sleep with their evening calls.

This is the Lake Ainslie areal view taken from our place East (above) and West (below). You see the very private sandy dream beach 10 min walking distance.
Although we understand the desire to see as many places as possible when on vacation, we highly recommend people to stay with us for several days. Let your mind come to rest and get a good sleep! We would love to be the place where you come to rest. Deep dive into nature and forget the day-to-day hustle for a while!
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Cozy loft area with queen size mattress.

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Secluded backyard with access to the lake.

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Small functional kitchenette. Picture will be updated with 2 burner electric stove.

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Relax and dream during sun set

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Sandy beach within 15 min walk down the shore.

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Crystal clear and warm fresh water to swim

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Enjoy hot summer days outdoors on the L-shaped patio

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Shoreline of the property

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View across the lake to uninhabited crown land fom the property.

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View down from loft area.
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Bathroom sink

Stainless steel shower with half tub.

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Modern compost toilet with electric vent

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Over the Rainbow

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Old miners trail system between Inverness and Mabou here….

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Celtic Sshore Trail. https://www.celticshores.ca is a part of the famous Trans Canada Trail from West to East coast https://thegreattrail.ca

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Boardwalk and golf course at Inverness beach within 15 min driving distance.

Inverness Beach

This little video shows the property and surrounding
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Mayfly Tiny House on Lake Ainslie
West Lake Ainslie Rd, Nova Scotia
46.149388, -61.229151
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