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A little foldable breakfast table for enjoying the sunrise..

Dining table in the kitchen

Our lovely old fisherman’s house sits on the rocks at the end of the quaint fishing village of Samson’s Cove next to Little Anse and is surrounded by the ocean. Here you can enjoy a stunning and endless view in any direction.

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Heavenly! You will immediately enjoy the L-shape deck, located on a 35,514 sq. ft. property, bordering the stunning rocks and one of the 7 sand and pebble beaches with lots of privacy.

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This is the first of seven beaches just at the end of the property. The House is located at the arrow.

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In fifteen minutes walking distance you can find more endless beaches

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In ten minutes driving distance you can find endless beaches

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Entrance at sunset

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First floor retreat and bedroom

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2nd bedroom upstairs

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View from the office chair on the first floor

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First floor double twin size bed (pulled out)

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Facing south, listening to the ocean and the wind…

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… until sunset

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Endless walking trails just behind the house, all crown land

Originally built by the first settlers in the mid-1800’s, Sailor’s Rest has recently been fully renovated and now offers air-condition, comfortable rooms equipped with bright furniture and handcrafted driftwood beach art. Here you can enjoy two cozy rooms with twin beds on the first floor or watch the sunset from an extendable queen size bed with memory foam mattress in the living room on the ground floor.

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Under the platform, you can pull out a comfortable queen size bed with a 6“ foam mattress and enjoy the sky and the milky way in the evening

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Cozy in spring and fall with wood stove

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Driftwood beach art home made

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Sunrise next morning

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The dining table in the kitchen

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Solid wood kitchen with ocean view

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New counter top and sink with drinking water tab (it is not necessary to buy water bottles)

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Bathroom on the first floor with tub/shower

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3rd bedroom on the first floor with ocean view. It might be closed for private storage

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Ground floor above, first floor below

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Thanks to the glass panel you can enjoy the beautiful view from the patio even during windy days

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After sailing our boat across the Atlantic from Europe to Canada, we anchored just here. Nothing between the two continents, except water and waves (view from the window in the living room).
View from living room window, facing southwest, Green Island behind our catamaran

<—Klick the button to listen to „Sailor’s Rest“, a song written in 1982 by Stan Roger. His music and the famous festival held just across the bay opposite our cliffs inspired the name of the house.

…On the good old days. - Captains and mates getting testy - With memories not of the best - And tempers are flying - Down at the Sailor's Rest.

klick vergrößern
View from the living room facing south east (click to enlarge)

Aerial video from Sailor's Rest and surrounding up to 15 min walking distance.

Sometimes, due to southeast winds, the big waves roll in right into the bay and you can experience a spectacular nature. All footage on the video above has been taken just around the Sailor`s Rest House and up to 10 minutes walking distance.
After 30“ aerial footage from Cape Breton see lobster fischermen working in Sampson Cove right in front of the Sailor`s Rest House.
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Sailor`s Rest Haus
83 Samsons Cove Rd. Sampsons Cove, B0E3C0 NS
45.502780, -60.935763
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