Living Small in a Tiny House is Really About Living Big!
Tiny houses aren’t just for hipsters and millennials anymore. As Americans and Canadians have taken an interest in tidying up, downsizing their belongings and living more efficiently, the tiny house movement has gone mainstream, and it’s inspiring people of all ages to embrace small spaces. Our “Tiny Houses on Wheels“ are placed on the most magical places we have found in many years traveling around the world in our boat and settling down on this beautiful Cape Breton Island. The houses sit on lovely green apple tree orchards surrounded by mountains or on Lake Ainslie or down by a kayaking river winding into the Atlantik. We are focused on environmental friendly sustainable living in peace and quietness, not as usual packed by RV trailers or domes all over the Cape Breton Island. Enjoy swimming, hiking, biking, kayaking, our spots are all on waterfront or a short walk distant from a private breathtaking sandy beach with waterfall.
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Tiny Mayfly on Lake Ainslie
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Tiny Loon
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Tiny Heaven
Moved and to be renovated

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Tiny House By The River
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Campers Nest On The Ocean
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You are welcome to use privileged access to this beach with waterfall just a few minutes walk from the Tiny Nest or Tiny Heaven down to the ocean. This beach is protected by cliffs on both sides.
This beach on Lake Ainslie is just a few minutes walk from our Tiny House Mayfly and Tiny Loon.